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About Peak Performance Home Inspections

The Best Choice for Home Inspection Services 

   Now you can put our outstanding reputation for service and reliability to work for you. By using Peak Performance Home Inspections, you benefit from experienced inspectors that deliver reports that meet or exceed all others. We also encourage your presence during the inspection. By being present at the inspection our professional inspectors can familiarize you with the home and explain things to you as they move through the home.

   Our inspectors are bound to a strict code of ethics, this ensures quality service while providing important protections. For example, our inspectors must:

  • Work exclusively for the client

  • Follow nationally accepted standards of practice

  • Perform thorough and timely inspections

    Our inspectors are trained to be familiar with a wide variety of situations. We believe that consumers have the right to expect the highest standards of thoroughness, fairness and effectiveness from their home inspector.

   All of our inspection reports must be authentic and stand up to critical examination. We continue to build our reputation one inspection at a time to ensure you get the quality service you expect from us.

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